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Cuenca vs Loja Ecuador. Which is best for you?

A common question we get at Life in Loja from expats looking to retire to Ecuador is "How do Cuenca and Loja compare?" Let's explore the answer because there are many factors to weigh.  Costs are usually the first consideration. Is one city more or less expensive than the other? A quick look at the data on the Numbeo website gives a start at comparing the cost of living. It is imperfect because the data points are small, but it’s a beginning.The general consensus is that some things cost more while others cost less in each city. To drill down a little it is a good idea to add up the figures for rent, food, etcetera, according to your estimated usage. Some people don’t buy groceries very often, for example, because they eat out in restaurants frequently. You will find that costs like rents, which are higher in Cuenca, will add up to higher annual expenses. It might also be a good idea to look at the rental markets in each city to get a closer sense of what you might spend…

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