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Life in Loja - Meaning behind the Logo


As you know, I’ve started a new cultural project to promote tourism for the city and the province of Loja called "Life in Loja." A project like this needs a logo, and I’d like to share with you what will be Life in Loja’s emblem. Let's take a moment to learn about some of the symbolism in the design.

The color blue represents loyalty, professionalism, and insight, which are characteristics required of me by my clients. The color red represents a passion for working with my clients. For those who have already met me, you know how much I love my hometown, my country, and that I will do my best to show you how to enjoy your visit to, or life in, Loja. The two buildings represent the main powers in Loja. Starting on the left, you see a silhouette of the City Gate spire, which represents order and organization. In the middle is San Sebasti├ín Tower, which stands for freedom, the desire to succeed, and to meet our collective goals. The mountains represent the place …

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