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Proposal to Return Public Transport to Loja after Quarantine

May 12, 2020
COE Cantonal would approve protocol for return of urban transport

If given the approval in the next 8 days, 30% of the buses in Loja would start running. Increase in service will happen gradually. For this, Loja needs to change to a yellow light.

For many sectors, returning to the performance of their activities is essential, especially transporting people to their jobs. Public transport (buses, taxis) and mixed services (truck cooperatives in parishes) are at the threshold of resuming their work if Loja’s Cantonal COE today approves the protocol that was presented for their return to activity.


Nixon Granda, deputy mayor of Loja, stressed that in his commitment to the citizens and, of course, to the transportation unions in the canton, knowing of the difficult situation we are going through, he has been talking with the different transport leaders, as well as with the departmental directors who regulate this sector, and with the institutions related to public heal…

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