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How to buy and use a city bus pass in Loja Ecuador

  This blog provides an important update to our original post about the public bus system in Loja, Ecuador. To protect both drivers and passengers during the COVID-19 pandemic, the municipality of Loja decided to end the use of cash (coins and bills) when paying for a bus ride. Now it is required that passengers obtain a plastic pass card prior to getting on a bus, which is then swiped upon entry. Coop 24 de Mayo Cards can be obtained at almost two dozen places around the city - we've listed them below along with an image graphic. And you have options - get a personalized card with your photo on it, or a "plain Jane" one. Which you choose will determine where you can get the card. Personalized cards are only available at the office of "Coop 24 de Mayo" (Pasaje la Feue and Avenida Universitaria).  You must bring with you a color copy of your cédula or passport, a card-size photo, your telephone number, and $2. The process takes about 10 minutes to complete. Alte

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