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FAQ: I'm moving to Loja. What should I bring?

What should I bring? This is a simple question but it has many possible answers. Short answer: nothing more than yourself. It is possible to arrive with nothing more than a carry-on bag and find everything you need here. The caveat is that it may take some time, effort and cash to obtain everything you want to to set up a new household, but it can be done. Another answer is: bring what you cannot part with and will help you still have some attachment to your previous life. For example, photo albums of loved ones or of other places you've been (although you can have these digitized and just bring a USB stick with the files). Maybe you have a favorite pair of pajamas, or some mementos that you enjoy having around you. Some people bring their pets. Essentially, are there some personal things that are unique and irreplaceable which you are not ready to part with? These first two answers are for the adventurous types who are coming to Ecuador to start over, begin a new life, and enjoy i

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