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Houses, Apartments, Water, Humidity and Mold in Loja Ecuador

The 'Life in Loja' team is often called upon to assist expats with finding housing, whether it be a small apartment or a large house in the city, or a finca (farm) in the countryside. This article will explain in depth a major consideration any renter or buyer needs to aware of - water, as in, too much or not enough. 

One of the aspects of Loja that makes the city especially beautiful is the year-round greenness. The eastern mountain ridge that separates the valley from the Amazon forces humid air coming from the east to rise up and condense so that Loja experiences episodes of misty showers and/or rain at some point almost every day (or night). Great for the vegetation but something to consider when looking at housing.

"Modern" Loja uses brick, cement blocks, poured concrete and stucco for much of its construction. While these materials can be very solid or durable, "old" Loja used adobe bricks with a mud plaster which allowed their enclosed spaces to br…

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