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7 tips for easing your way into Loja, Ecuador

A stress-free arrival to Loja If you are planning to relocate to Loja then here are the top tips to make the transition easier. Do not rush to buy or rent . We strongly recommend keeping your options open until you've had a chance to explore more and experience what the various areas of the city (and surrounding country) are like. Short-term rentals (such as an AirBnB) or even staying at one of the less expensive hotels can be a great way to give yourself some time to find your first place.    Learn as much as you can before arriving but learn even more once you are here. Our Life in Loja neighborhood tour has helped steer many expats toward areas that offered a proper fit for their needs. A day or two of touring with us can save you weeks (or months) of headaches that could occur if you sign a lease or buy a property too quickly. The natural pace of Loja is probably much more "laid back" than where you are coming from. It may require some getting used to it, but if you a

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