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Ecuador Leyendas y cuentos de terror: Ecuador’s Legends and horror tales

Scary stories, especially in the Sierra mountains of Ecuador, are a long-standing oral tradition meant to entertain family generations when they gather. Besides providing a fun adrenaline rush, the stories may also carry a moral lesson to the listeners or evoke pathos in the telling of a tragedy. The specific culture of the region is recreated with every telling. Different ages in family groups and their friends bond over this shared experience. The stories bring witches, ghosts, and other supernatural beings to life, or address common psychological fears of loss, endangerment, or lawlessness. Many of the same tales are told throughout Ecuador, but the legend of a haunted tunnel near a very old local hospital is a scary story unique to Loja.        The Hangman’s Tunnel This is the tale of the Hangman’s Tunnel. The tunnel was built in 2007, but its name comes from a legend that took place here. We consider it one of the saddest and most breathtaking stories belonging to the city of Loja

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