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How to save 30% on your medical and dental visits

One popular reason for people from North America to visit Ecuador is to get healthcare procedures done for less money than these would cost in their home country.

It's true that Ecuador has modern and skilled doctors, dentists, and optometrists. In fact, many have gotten their training in the United States or other first world nations and then returned to Ecuador to serve their homeland.

The cost of healthcare is certainly less here than in the states, which is why people have beaten a path to Ecuadorian providers for years. But besides the cost of the procedures and the travel costs, are you paying more than you should?

Medical tourism is the phrase and there a quite a number of travel agencies that promote tour packages whereby one can travel to foreign countries, see the sights, and get work done. But here's the thing, those agencies have made contracts with the healthcare providers that end up adding 30% to the doctors' fees. In addition, providers are often "rus…

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