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The many options for grocery shopping in Loja Ecuador

  Visitors to Loja from North America are sure to notice, and may even celebrate, the uniqueness and differences of the cultural fixtures of everyday life here. They are also very often surprised by how familiar much of what happens in Loja, the last Ecuadorian city before the border with Peru, seems to them. Something as simple as food shopping has many similarities to the US and Canada but also many more differences to the experience. Most food shoppers in North America head for a grocery store chain or big box store for their weekly food supply. Quite a few also buy groceries with an online app and have them delivered. Loja has all of these available and they are quite popular with expat residents of the city and surrounding area. Rest assured that you can carry on with your food shopping in the manner to which you are accustomed without missing a beat. This includes paying in US dollars because Ecuador uses US currency and you can put it on your debit or credit card in the national

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