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Your self-guided walking tour of Loja Ecuador

The team at Life in Loja, as a gesture of gratitude towards our community and our visitors, is offering this free self-guided walking tour of our historic city.

Visitors and residents alike can enjoy the tour by downloading the phone app to take along with you. See the instructions for how to get your digital copy of the tour below.

This 20 page brochure will lead you through the heart of the city at your own pace.

You'll visit 14 sites of import and interest - museums, churches, parks, statues, art galleries, a theater and more.

The history of Loja will unfold for you as you stroll from one place to another.

Professional photos, along with a number keyed map, will ensure you reach the right destination for each description.

'Life in Loja' is dedicated to promoting our beautiful city and province to the wider world. To that end we also provide a number of personalized custom tours designed to show the many features that make living in Loja special.

In addition to tourism,…

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