How to save 30% on your medical and dental visits

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One popular reason for people from North America to visit Ecuador is to get healthcare procedures done for less money than these would cost in their home country.

It's true that Ecuador has modern and skilled doctors, dentists, and optometrists. In fact, many have gotten their training in the United States or other first world nations and then returned to Ecuador to serve their homeland.

The cost of healthcare is certainly less here than in the states, which is why people have beaten a path to Ecuadorian providers for years. But besides the cost of the procedures and the travel costs, are you paying more than you should?

Medical tourism is the phrase and there a quite a number of travel agencies that promote tour packages whereby one can travel to foreign countries, see the sights, and get work done. But here's the thing, those agencies have made contracts with the healthcare providers that end up adding 30% to the doctors' fees. In addition, providers are often "rushed" (or encouraged) to perform multiple procedures in a very short time. Think about that - would you like to get a half dozen cavities drilled and filled in one sitting?

The truth is this, some of the best healthcare providers refuse to pay tour companies that 30% to get them patients because they don't need, or want, to do that. They may believe it morally wrong to have two pricing schedules, charging a tourist or expat more than a local person. Some may have limited English language skills. Others keep their costs low and depend on word-of-mouth advertising so they can service the local population with reasonable prices.

Lojano dentists put a smile on your face
Thus far we've spoken about Ecuador in general but we want you to know that Loja, in particular, has some excellent healthcare providers. You just are not going to hear about them from the medical tourism agencies and that's where we can help. "Life in Loja" can offer you great places to see and things to do when you travel here, and we can also connect you with healthcare providers that you wouldn't hear about any other way.

We make a point of identifying the best, and then offer you choices of two or three for you to decide which you wish to engage. We also provide interpreter services if your Spanish-speaking ability (or the doctor's English-speaking ability) isn't sufficient so you'll be confident in understanding communications.

You get great healthcare service at affordable local prices and we get to show you our beautiful Loja. We have a variety of tours available, and can create custom ones for your particular interests, all at the going rate for guides and interpreters in this area.

Interested? Let's start talking about your visit to Loja. Email us at or call 593-098-674-5994 and let's get you fixed up!


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