FAQ - Why do I need to do due diligence?

Before you sign a contract, use due diligence!

You will hear us at 'Life in Loja' talk a lot about doing due diligence. Here is why...

When the outcome of something is important to you - for example, finding a good doctor or clinic, a lawyer or real estate agent, or a repairman - then it is worthwhile to take your time and find someone you feel is confident, competent, understands your concerns, and is a "good fit."

This need happens more often than one would imagine. Think about it. If you are planning a large purchase like a house or property, or you need to draft a last will and testament that will stand up under Ecuadorian law, or your health symptoms are complex, then you want to have the utmost confidence in who will serve you.

It is one thing to ask other expats for recommendations, and doing so can be helpful as a starting point. But every situation is unique and so a lawyer or doctor who did a great job for one person's needs may not actually be the best for you. How to know this? By speaking with more than one professional to determine if they can do the job you need done.

You begin the process with a professional like Jonathan of 'Life in Loja' who is an excellent Spanish-to-English interpreter. Then you visit and interview more than one solution-solver - even if you like the first person you meet!

The reason is to verify the answers you heard. If two people offer similar solutions then that is great but if you get different answers, or your intuition is telling you something seems "off," then go on and speak to at least a third person.

Just think how often people with medical problems are encouraged to seek a second opinion. The same is true in Ecuador, and not just with doctors. Every lawyer has their own area of expertise. Every mechanic has their own knowledge of a particular make of car's systems.

When you are about to spend a lot of money to accomplish a task - especially in a country new to you with different customs and legal systems - it really behooves you to do due diligence; to get it right the first time.

Here's the thing about our customs - Ecuadorians do not like to disappoint people, or to say no. They may agree to undertake a task even if it falls outside their expertise rather than turn away a customer. What happens then is they may do an inferior job, or keep putting it off and delaying until you decide to cancel the arrangement and go elsewhere. Wouldn't it be better to take the time to find the competent person up front?

'Life in Loja' does not have any partners or associates. We do not get any kickbacks or commissions from suggesting certain professionals. We are not here to steer you toward any one business or professional in hopes of getting a "cut" of the sale. Our job - our only job - is to serve you by helping you understand what is being communicated and suggesting various professionals that have a reputation for doing good work for other expats in the past.

In the future we may have some sponsoring businesses but when that happens we will tell you right off the bat about that relationship. And know this - that sponsorship will not involve kickbacks or commissions, only support through advertising.

Due diligence is your right and your obligation. We strongly encourage you to use it. It may save you money in the long run, or maybe even save your life.


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