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Life in Loja (LiL) has a significant web presence across a variety of platforms. Our goal - or mission - is about making people aware of all that our wonderful city and province in southern Ecuador has to offer, plus helping people to visit or settle here.

We reach out in these many diverse ways because we understand each platform has its own demographic appeal, its own clientele. Loja has so much to offer to people of all ages, backgrounds, interests, and socioeconomic statuses that spreading the word about Loja requires us to dive deeply into the web waters.

One of the most popular platforms for us is Facebook where we have both a page and an interactive group. In addition to posts of general information we also work at putting up news of current events and activities around the province.

You'll find fascinating posts about architecture and historic places, artists and their exhibits, musicians and concerts, surveys and games, advice for surviving well during the COVID-19 state of emergency, great places to eat, info on our various services (such as translation, tours, and personal assistant), and lots more.

We hope you enjoy our blogs here on this site for all their informational content but will also consider liking and following our Facebook sites for the up-to-date current events there. And maybe check out our other venues, too, listed below.

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