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Jonathan Poma doing a delivery in Loja Ecuador
Jonathan does deliveries

With three months of quarantine ending countrywide in Ecuador, and Loja beginning to ease up a number of travel and work restrictions, this would be a good time to check in and talk about what has happened so far.

As many of you know, Life in Loja provides English and Spanish bilingual services to visitors and English-speaking residents. We offer innovative and customized tours that range from cultural and natural attractions to helping with relocation. Our bilingual services include interpreting in legal, medical, and commercial transactions. When the medical emergency was declared in Ecuador, we had no idea what our clients’ needs would be.

During the quarantine, and currently with English-speaking residents who must remain at home because of age or medical condition, most of the requests for services continue to be for language interpreting and for bilingual personal assistance. During quarantine, Life in Loja committed to interpreting at no charge for anyone who needed to consult the government’s pandemic emergency operators in the national 171 call center because English operators were not available. This offer still stands and we will be glad to help speak with 171 in any way we can.

Life in Loja has also interpreted by phone and in person for medical emergencies. This involved interpreting English to Spanish in telemedicine consultations with doctors, including translating treatment plans, and interpreting for clients who needed to have medical procedures in local hospitals. If you have any questions about your health or are having a medical emergency, please contact us.* 

Many of our English-speaking clients who are unable to shop in Loja during the emergency because of their age, health, or remote location in city suburbs like Vilcabamba or further, have used our delivery services. Both individuals and commercial enterprises have requested and taken small deliveries of one item, such as a medical prescription, to bulk deliveries of over 100 units of a single food item to remote locations in Loja. Let us know your needs and we will expedite your order.

Personal assistance has also involved finding repair people, dealing with utility problems, and finding apartment rentals. These are normal activities of life which became complicated during the present emergency, but we have received some very unusual requests as well, for example, finding a large farm animal for sale or sending early morning help to a Loja resident whose street was ravaged by neighborhood pets before the garbage pick up. If you have questions or a perplexing problem, let us know. We’ll do our best to solve your problem promptly.

*Contact info...
email:  lifeinloja@gmail.com
phone:  593-098-674-5994


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