Loja Vacations in 2020 - Your Staycation in Ecuador

Valley and mountains in Loja province, Ecuador

With the easing of some travel restrictions this summer, many are wondering what taking a vacation will be like in the second half of this extraordinary year? No matter what your travel budget is, there are a few common characteristics with the travel and accommodation reservations that are being booked right now through to the Christmas holidays. What has been made clear by these bookings is that travelers are not willing to give up their vacation get-aways. If anything, they want a change of scenery even more. Therefore, vacations happening in 2020 are all about privacy and safety.

If you are the type of traveler who spares no expense, like a business titan or a Saudi prince, then privacy and security will look like getting there on private airline charters or luxury yachts. Security means biosecurity, so the wealthy travelers are doing ‘buy-outs’ which mean booking an entire hotel or resort for your family and friends, what is currently understood as your ‘social bubble’ which also includes bringing your own staff to cook and clean for your group. Security for the well-heeled also means being in remote locations away from the crowds. High-end travel associations report that lavish family or friend ‘reunions’ are being purchased for the year-end holiday season.

Interior of hacienda for rent in Loja province, Ecuador
So what about regular people making their get-away plans, particularly in Southern Ecuador? The same goals of privacy and security apply. Because of continued difficulty in using commercial airlines, this is the year of the ‘staycation.’ The idea of vacationing at home has been expanded to mean the country in which you reside. Most of these vacations will be ‘drive in’ for biosafety and privacy. Most are choosing remote natural locations to visit and booking entire houses with online check-in and check-out.

Loja, in the lush and geographically diverse sierras of Southern Ecuador, has many options for this type of ‘staycation’ now in demand. If you like, you could visit one of the area’s ecolodges in the high Amazon. Commune with the famous birds and other wildlife in a private eco-cabin. Or choose one of the local haciendas with a rich history and food grown right on the premises. Take a tour of a nearby coffee farm and see where that world-class Lojano cafĂ© comes from. Rent one of the beautiful vacation homes outside the city listed on Airbnb and similar sites.

Girl on swing with a view of Loja, Ecuador
Is the idea of this type of location attractive to you but has too many details to work out? Not to worry, Life in Loja is here to help you arrange private and secure accommodations and transport. We will also help with provisions, such as groceries to do your own cooking (a popular option at the moment), or providing you with a list of excellent restaurants that deliver to your door. We can also provide day tour options that are also secure and private. We want you to be healthy and happy as you make your vacation plans a reality. Contact us with questions and we will be glad to assist you in any way.

This blog post is an example of how the team at Life in Loja helps tourists and visitors, expats and immigrants, to better appreciate the many aspects of living in Loja, Ecuador. If you would like to know more about our custom tours and relocation services then contact us by email or phone/WhatsApp at 593-098-674-5994 to begin a conversation.


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