How to buy and use a city bus pass in Loja Ecuador


This blog provides an important update to our original post about the public bus system in Loja, Ecuador.

To protect both drivers and passengers during the COVID-19 pandemic, the municipality of Loja decided to end the use of cash (coins and bills) when paying for a bus ride. Now it is required that passengers obtain a plastic pass card prior to getting on a bus, which is then swiped upon entry.

Coop 24 de Mayo
Cards can be obtained at almost two dozen places around the city - we've listed them below along with an image graphic. And you have options - get a personalized card with your photo on it, or a "plain Jane" one. Which you choose will determine where you can get the card.

Personalized cards are only available at the office of "Coop 24 de Mayo" (Pasaje la Feue and Avenida Universitaria).  You must bring with you a color copy of your cédula or passport, a card-size photo, your telephone number, and $2. The process takes about 10 minutes to complete.

Alternatively, you can obtain a card at any of the other locations listed below - also for $2 - with little or no waiting. By the way, for either type of card, the two dollar initial cost also gets you 4 bus rides. You can add additional funds - in any amount - right away, or later when you need a refill. Card balances have no expiration date and can be used indefinitely.

You can track the amount available on your card by downloading and using an app on your phone. The app will give your balance, show bus routes, and even help you determine the best way to get to a destination from your current location. The only thing it cannot do is provide an online way of recharging the card (perhaps a feature to be added in the future).

Remember, the city bus pass is mandatory - drivers will not accept cash.

Here is a current list of locations where to buy and/or recharge your pass...

Centro Area:

Coop 24 de Mayo.  Av. Universitaria y Pasaje la Feue

Farmacia Angélica.  Av. Universitaria y Mercadillo

Farmacia Cruz Azul.  Av. Universitaria y 10 de Agosto

Farmacia Cruz Azul.  Av. Lauro Guerrero y 10 de Agosto

Farmacia Cuxibamba.  Av. Manuel Agustín Aguirre y Pasaje la Feue

Pan Nuestro.  Av. Universitaria y Imbabura

Internet X.  Av. Ramón Pinto y 10 de Agosto


Farmacia Sonia Judith.  Av. Pio Jaramillo y Argentina

La Llave:

Farmacia Salud.  Av. Eplicachima y Manuel Carrión Pinzano


Tienda Mercadona.  Av. Cornelio Saavedra y Getúlio Vargas

Ciudad Victoria:

Cuenca&Cyber Café.  Ernesto Che Guevara y Clotario Maldonado Paz

Tierras Coloradas:

Tienda Doña Dali.  Av. Eugenio Espejo y Narcisa de Jesús

Héroes del Cenepa:

Tienda Janethcita.  Tnte. Geovany Calles y Cbo.Agustín Anchico

Mercado Mayorista:

Tienda Al Paso.  Av. Nueva Loja y Guaranda

Farmacia Cuxibamba.  Av. Nueva Loja y Guayaquil

Terminal Terreste:

Tienda América.  Av. 8 de Diciembre y Jaramijó

Las Pitas:

Cyber Mundo Net.  Av. Pablo Palacios

San Cayetano:

Farmacia San Cayetano.  Calle Bucarest y Amsterdam

Cdla. La Paz:

Papelería Y Despensa San Pablo.  Salvador Bustamante Celio y Jaime Roldós Aguilera


Tienda Enidh.  Av. Chuquiribamba


Tienda Cristina.  Av. 8 de Diciembre y Manuela Sáenz

Sauces Norte:

Erosky Ahorro.  Pablo Picaso y Pedro Pablo Rubens


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