FAQ: What is Internet Service like in Loja, Ecuador?

When it comes to internet service in Loja, Ecuador, change is the only certainty. The good news is that this change is overwhelmingly for the better. Internet connectivity and availability inside Loja's city limits are constantly being upgraded.

If you are considering an extended stay in Loja or a permanent move, particularly if you will be working online, then the type of internet in your area will be one of the most important considerations in selecting a neighborhood in which to rent an apartment or purchase a home. Besides the type of internet, availability (service interruptions) will also play a part in your housing decision making process.

The most common type of service -- cable -- is offered by a number of local broadband internet providers. Currently, the average uploading and downloading mbps (megabits per second) speed in Loja is comparable to those in the US. For those who need reliable service with few interruptions, fiber optic internet connections are also available in some parts of the city. You will find the cost of these types of internet service to be considerably less than in US cities like New York or Chicago. 

As for the future, cluster servers providing 'Five-Nines' (99.999%) 'High Availability' internet service that promises users only about six minutes of outages or downtime per year, are now in large Ecuadorian corporations and several universities. Because Loja is a provincial seat and the last major urban stop before entering Peru, available internet will continue to grow larger, faster, and more reliable in Loja's universities, hospitals, banks, and other industries that cannot tolerate lengthy interruptions in service.

Another form of change that is constant with Loja's internet is the providers. New companies move in and older ones are sold and renamed. All continuously expand their infrastructure and menu of services. As of this writing, there are about a half-dozen providers in this small city vying for your business.

Life in Loja will be glad to help you find the type of internet service you need in the area you prefer when you are ready to start looking for a place to stay in Loja or the surrounding area. If you have questions about current internet providers, don't hesitate to contact us by email or phone/WhatsApp at 593-098-674-5994 to begin a conversation.


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