Coffee immersion experience in Loja Ecuador

Coffee berries in Loja Ecuador are almost ready to hand pick
Coffee berries in Loja are almost ready to hand pick

One of the things that is putting Loja "on the map" is the arabica coffee grown in our area. If you want to really know Loja then you must know the flavor of our beans and their brew. I offer a cultural immersion experience that will not only help you to discern what makes a great cup but also teaches what makes Loja's coffees special from the farm to the cup.

It is really quite astonishing how many things influence the final taste. Climate, soil, altitude, companion crops, pests (and how they are dealt with), the timing of the harvest, the drying process, storage, the degree of roasting, and the choice of brewing method - all these and more are factors in the final product. And all of these come together in Loja to make a coffee which is so good that it is in high demand by a primary importer in Germany.

One step in a coffee tasting is skimming the surface
One step in a tasting is skimming the surface
In this agro-adventure, we walk through an organic farm with a life-long coffee expert (he speaks only Spanish but I will interpret), visit a coffee processing facility, and end with a guided coffee tasting experience to teach you how to differentiate between various coffees. This is a very in-depth look at how superior coffee is grown and handled, and will leave you with knowledge of how to enjoy a great cup of coffee.

Immerse yourself in the culture of Loja with this opportunity. Contact me at to arrange a time - please allow a couple days' notice to schedule this event with our expert.


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