Nuery Vivas, the high energy orchestra conductor

One of the cool things about Loja is that the municipality sponsors its own symphony, and a very good one at that. Many performances are free - or very low cost if there happens to be a ticket - and most are offered in the recently renovated Teatro Bolívar.

Leading this group of fine musicians is the energetic conductor Nuery Vivas. The moment he walks onto the stage one can sense the respect the musicians have for him. He steps up to the platform, takes a deep bow, and then turns and begins waving his long arms in the most fascinating movements - sometimes slow, sometimes fast. Watching Nuery perform is as much a part of the symphonic experience as is listening to the music.

The Municipal Symphony Orchestra has been under Neury's tutelage since February of 2017. And while one usually associates symphonic orchestras with classical music, Nuery loves to show off the range of their skills by running them through a wide variety of genres.

In addition to this regular gig, Nuery is also the maestro for the Orquesta Sinfónica Infantil de las Escuela Municipales de Loja where he provides the talented youth of Loja with instruction and encouragement to create good music together.

Like any conductor, Nuery can play several instruments but his favorite is the oboe. If you follow him on Facebook then you'll be entertained about once a week by a short video clip of him noodling around with his oboe.

One last note in the you-need-to-know category is that Nuery is very approachable and you can chat with him in English if your Spanish isn't quite up to speed yet. (Bonus tidbit of info: The last name "Vivas" translates from Spanish as "Cheers" which seems very appropriate for this man.)

For my English-speaking visitors to this website I'm including Nuery's biography below since it is usually only available in Spanish...

Born in San Cristóbal, Venezuela, he is currently the Principal Conductor of the Municipal Symphony Orchestra of Loja, Ecuador, and Founder of the Children's Symphony Orchestra of the Municipal Schools of Loja.

He began his musical studies in 1996 in FESNOJIV "El Sistema", to later enter the Conservatory of Music "Simón Bolívar"; in the city of Caracas with Prof. Ricardo Riveiro (UR). He also took oboe classes with Diethelm Joñas (GER), Alex Klein (USA), Hansjorg Schellemberger (GER) and Rebecca Henderson (USA), among others. He studied Orchestral Conducting with Giancarlo Guerrero (CR) in FUNDAMUSICAL BOLÍVAR DE VENEZUELA "EL SISTEMA", and with Rodney Winther (USA) and Sergio Bernal (COL).

He has played as a soloist with different groups such as the Simón Bolívar Symphony Orchestra, Táchira Experimental Philharmonic Band, San Juan de Colón Youth Symphony Orchestra, among others. Since 2006 he served as Principal Oboe of the Official Concert Band of the State of Táchira making the Venezuelan premiere of the Concerto for double bass, English horn and band "Diferencias sobre Cervantes" by the American composer Arthur McAlister. In 2009, he was invited by the International Youth Orchestra in the city of Leesburg, Virginia (USA) and in 2012 he participated in the Latin American Meeting of Oboists in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He has been itinerant musical director in "El Sistema" in the states of Táchira and Barinas, teacher of the conservatory of music "Miguel Ángel Espinel" and of the Licentiate in Music of the National Experimental University of Táchira, Venezuela. In Quito, Ecuador, he has been guest oboist of the National Symphony Orchestra of Ecuador and was director of the area of theoretical subjects of the National Conservatory of Music, teacher workshop of the Youth Orchestra Foundation of Ecuador, and director of the quartet "Autana", with which he participated in the 3rd Festival of Chamber Music of the House of Ecuadorian Culture.

As an artist he has participated in more than 50 exhibitions in Venezuela, Colombia, Switzerland, Belgium, USA and Spain, he was also general director of the Casa Steinvorth Museum in San Cristóbal and is licensed in Social Communication, graduated from the University of the Andes in Venezuela.


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