Top 3 reasons expats choose to live in Loja

Dancing in the Bolivar Theater of Loja
Joyful Dancing in the Bolivar Theater of Loja

Just like the population of Ecuadorians in general, expats who choose to settle in Loja are a diverse group. Each immigrant has his or her own specific reasons for making Loja their new home and their reasons span a wide range.

It is immediately obvious that these "new Lojanos" love their city. I did some research to find out why expats choose Loja over other destinations in Ecuador.  Even amongst the diverse array of answers there were some common ones.

The most frequently mentioned reason for living in Loja is the people. The citizens of Loja are cited as being friendly, calm, honest and helpful. There is a culture of civility that seems to be increasingly rare in other areas of the world, and this gives a sense of safety. More than one expat used the phrase "a city that feels like a small town."

Second is the physical city itself - the environs. Loja is clean and easily walkable with a moderate year-round climate. Most amenities are close and if one opts not to walk then an inexpensive bus or taxi ride is easily available. Historic architecture also adds to the charm.

The third most offered rationale for choosing Loja is all the great cultural opportunities. These include museums, music, performing arts, visual arts, university lectures, and local gastronomy based on fresh produce and great coffee. Nature parks and trails, festivals and fireworks also contribute to living the good life in Loja.

Of course this list leaves out a lot of responses from the survey. It only highlights the most repeated answers but the list of reasons for choosing Loja is long.


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