In the Swim: Public Pools in Loja, Ecuador

City Pools: piscina del municipio de Loja

In 2016, the city of Loja remodeled and reopened its public pool facilities. Updated information about city pools (los piscinas) is available on the city’s website at It is advisable to consult the individual pool pages on the city’s website for holiday or maintenance closings, scheduled hours and open days' changes, as well as the current entrance fees. The pools have additional features, differing at each location, which you may also like to review before you choose a pool to visit. The amenities available to swimmers can include steam rooms, saunas, massage, and exercise equipment.

Municipal Pool in Jipiro Park   Piscina Municipal - Parque Jipiro

At the southern end of Jipiro Park is Loja’s most northern city pool facility. Jipiro Park is very recognizable as the large green space across Salvador Bustamante Celi avenue from the Carrion Theater, home of Loja’s national orchestra. You may have also visited this section of the city to attend the annual fair at the provincial fairgrounds on the same side of Bustamante Celi Ave. just north of the Carrion Theater. The large lit dome of the municipal pool in Jipiro Park will be visible on the left as you approach the park from the south traveling on Bustamante Celi Ave near the corner of Bustamante Celi Ave and Daniel Amijos calle (street).   

In the 2016 facility upgrade the pool’s floors, roof, deck, and bathrooms were all renewed. It is advisable to come prepared with appropriate swim attire, as well as double checking the open hours and days. Historically, Jipiro pool charges a small fee to use the facility, as little as two dollars per person. For a few cents more, usually 25 cents a person, you can also visit the nearby planetarium. If you allow time to see Jipiro Park’s many miniatures of international wonders, such as the Eiffel Tower or Moscow’s onion-domed St. Basil’s cathedral, then you will have a memorable family outing. Those seeking a pool for a good work-out will find that the facility usually has extended hours, as early as 6 am and as late as 9 pm, during the week to get your exercise in before or after school or work. Again, check Jipirio pool’s schedule before you go.   

El Valle Municipal Pool  Piscina Municipal - EL Valle

Further south from Jipiro Pool in the city of Loja is the municipal pool in El Valle. El Valle is the oldest neighborhood in Loja with the city’s oldest church. Those who have visited the El Valle shopping mall with Loja’s largest commercial cinema and the Boyaca furniture store, will have been within easy walking distance of El Valle neighborhood’s church and main square two blocks east of the mall.

El Valle’s municipal pool is located just south of the church’s square on the east side of Esmeraldas street near the corner of Esmeraldas and Duran streets. A well known landmark in Loja is Zarza Brewing Company. Zarza is also on Esmeraldas street. If you continue north on Esmeraldas past Zarza, the pool entrance is on the right-hand side just before you enter El Valle’s main square. This is a small non-athletic neighborhood pool with some green space and shaded cover. It is the perfect spot to take a quick dip on a hot day, or for lounging in the sun. The facility was part of the city-wide municipal pool upgrade in 2016. Typically, the pool opens at 8am, but the open hours and day should be double-checked for any changes before you go.

Municipal Pool No. 3 Ciudad de Loja Sports Complex

Last but certainly not least is Loja’s City Pool #3. The address of the pool is listed as Av. Manuel Agustín Aguirre and Brazil on the city’s west side adjacent to the San Pedro neighborhood. However, if you are driving or walking on Av. Manuel Agustín Aguirre, which is the west side of the Universitaria divided boulevard, it is impossible to miss the municipal sports complex covering a full city block from Brazil street on the south end of the block to José Picolta street (Carimanga street when it crosses Universitaria) on the north end of the block. The most memorable feature of the outside of this complex, besides its massive size, is the three-story monumental bas relief mural depicting the economic development of Loja by one of our nationally famous sculptors, Diego Vinicio Espinosa Aguirre.

Listed as a competition sized pool, Pool #3 has by far the longest list of amenities for sports and exercise, including one of the latest health innovations -- hydro massage (no hands) equipment. Just reopened in September by the new city administration, it is advisable to check the times and days of when the pool is open, as well as this administration’s new fee structures.

If you have any questions about the city pools and other fun activities in Loja, contact me anytime at (phone/Whatsapp) 098 674 5994, (email), or (Facebook Messenger) I want you to enjoy yourself in Loja! Ciao for now.


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