A quick guide to Loja holiday and festival dates

Festival parade

Loja has no shortage of holidays to honor and celebrate. To begin with, throughout the country there are multiple Independence days for various cities - some celebrated nationally and some only locally. Then, in addition to holidays, there are festivals and special events that are annual affairs of note. It can be difficult to keep track of them all, especially since some are "moving targets" with dates of observances not necessarily being the same as the historical dates. Here is a list of Lojan-celebrated holidays and events throughout the year...


1 Jan
New Year's Day
Feb or Mar
20 Mar
March Equinox | Pawkar Raymi
Mar or Apr - Easter Week
Holy (Maundy) Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Easter Sunday
1 May
Labor Day | May Day
24 May
Battle of Pichincha | Independence Day
21 Jun
June Solstice | Inti Raymi
24 Jul
Simón Bolívar's Birthday
10 Aug
Independence Day (National holiday)
15 Aug
Pilgrimage of La Virgen del Cisne
Last week Aug & 1st week Sep
Gran Feria of Loja
23 Sep
September Equinox | Killa Raymi
9 Oct
Independence of Guayaquil 
Last week Oct
International Music Festival in Loja
31 Oct
1 Nov
All Saint's Day 
2 Nov
All Soul's Day | Day of the Dead
3 Nov
Independence of Cuenca 
18 Nov
Independence of Loja  (Local holiday)
3rd week Nov
Festival of Living Arts Loja + Off Festival
8 Dec
Foundation of Loja   (Local holiday)
21 Dec
December Solstice | Kapak Raymi
25 Dec
31 Dec


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