Alma Lojana, our song, our music, our anthem

page of sheet music for song Alma Lojana
In my post about pasillo music I mentioned my city's anthem as an example of that style. The music for Alma Lojana was composed in 1928 by Cristóbal Ojeda Dávila from Quito while serving as a dance teacher at the Bernardo Valdivieso School of Loja. Later, Emiliano Ortega E. composed a poem as an ode to Loja in 1929 and this became the lyrics for the tune, creating a great combination.

This piece of music is often played at the conclusion of concerts or evenings of music in Loja. It's interesting to witness the response of the audience because as soon as they recognize the opening chords they are ready to sing along with all the sentiment the song evokes. You really know you're in Loja then.

I thought you might be interested in the words and, at the same time, maybe a little language lesson for those of you working at learning Spanish. If you want to practice by singing, I've included an instrumental video featuring a famous musician and composer from Loja - Edgar Palacios - to accompany you.


"Alma Lojana"
Letra de la canción: Emiliano Ortega E.
Música: Cristóbal Ojeda Dávila

Orillas del Zamora tan bellas
de verdes saucedales tranquilos
campiña de mi tierra risueña
casita de mis padres mi amor.

Tristezas del recuerdo me matan,
casita de mis padres, mi amor.
Orillas del Zamora
como te añoran mi corazón.

Sino cruel
hoy en extraños lares
bogo en los mares de la aflicción.
Sino cruel
sobre las recias olas
bogando a solas va mi dolor.

Oh, dolor
en donde está la madre
la buena anciana, toda dulzor.

Oh, dolor
en donde está el encanto
de aquel primero y ferviente amor.

Cuando retorne
llorando decepciones,
en pos de un seno
en donde sollozar,
tal vez la muerte
todo lo habrá acabado,
seres extraños
mi Loja habitarán,
sólo el Zamora
conmigo llorará.

"Lojana Soul"
Song lyrics: Emiliano Ortega E.
Music: Cristóbal Ojeda Dávila

Shores of the Zamora so beautiful
of green tranquil willow trees
countryside of my land smiling
my parents' house my love.

Sadness of memory kill me,
my parents' house, my love.
The banks of Zamora
as my heart longs for you.

But cruel
today in strange
lagos bogo in the seas of affliction.
But cruel
on the strong waves
beating alone goes my pain.

Oh, pain
where the mother is
the good old lady, all sweetness.

Oh pain
where the charm is
of that first and fervent love.

When I return
crying disappointments,
in pursuit of a breast
where to weep,
maybe death
will be over,
strange beings
my Loja will inhabit,
only Zamora
will cry with me.


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