Photographer Nathaly Poma for Pro Pix

Throughout this website you might notice several images are tagged as being created by Nathaly Poma. The primary reason for that is she makes great photos! I realize that most of us walk around now with cellphones which are capable of taking pictures but honestly, nothing beats the eye of a true photographer when you want to create a memory for posterity.

Nathaly is perhaps best known for the wonderful work she does with infants but she does so much more. Her website has examples of her creativity in many genres: engagements & weddings, maternity, family and individual portraits, quinceaneras and graduations, and business advertising and promotion such as food and drink images. She also does wonderful landscapes and street photography.

If you are visiting Loja and want to have someone capture you and your family around town with the best possible perspectives then make arrangements for your own personal photographer. Or, if you are getting married (Loja is a beautiful place to tie the knot), or want to start a photographic record of your children's growth, or need professionally done business portraits - well, whatever you need - Nathaly should be the first on your list to contact.

Nathaly Poma Photography


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